Get a full-fledged british education online at an affordable price from € 28 per day

International diploma upon graduation and the opportunity to enroll in the best universities in Europe

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Все практические задачи выполняем на уроках –
у студентов освобождается время для дополнительного хобби,
а родители могут не волноваться за успеваемость своих детей

It is possible to complete the program — 2 classes in 1 year, this allows laggards to catch up with academic performance or graduate from middle and high school earlier


Online training takes place in Russian and English in order to increase the student’s academic performance during classes

is clear and easy

Students study in parallel or instead of the main school and receive several diplomas upon graduation from college. The duration of classes is only 3−5 hours a day

Combine it with
your main studies

After completing their online studies, students receive diplomas certified by the British Embassy, which are accepted at any university in Europe

British College

All practical tasks are performed in the classroom, students have time for additional hobbies, and parents can not worry about the progress of their children


Start studying with us at any time, you don’t have to wait for September 1. We adjust the lesson schedule to the student’s comfortable time

You can study
at any time

Compulsory subjects are math and English, the remaining subjects are chosen by students and parents

of subjects

The educational program adapts to each student, taking into account the understanding of the material and in order to improve the student’s academic performance


Stages of student learning


Junior elementary school

Grades 1-2 – 5-7 years

It is very important for us that the first classes for young students bring pleasure. We develop a child’s language skills, immerse children in the world of science and prepare for senior elementary school.


Grades 3-6 – 8-11 years

Upper elementary school

Children are immersed in the world of subjects: English, mathematics, natural sciences, computer science. At this stage, parents will need help to connect students and teachers. After the 6th grade, students can completely switch to self-organization of online learning.


Grades 10-13 – 15-18 years

High school

A-level — specialized preparation for exams and admission to universities.

Students move to a more responsible level of distance education, where each student manifests himself in specialized subjects, subsequently this gives a positive result in further admission and study at the university.

Middle school

Grades 7-9 – 12-14 years


Edemis provides the opportunity for children from any country to study in the UK

At the same time, without applying for a visa, without being puzzled by expensive relocation and living away from family. Our school is literally coming to your house. Your child is engaged in online learning in a comfortable environment for him. Leave a request and get a bonus offer with an attractive price.

Study programs

Primary education for students of age from 5 to 11 years old


Basic subjects:
English, Science, Mathematics
Additional to choose from:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Geography, Spanish, French, German, United Sciences (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

High school education for students aged 12 to 14 years


Basic subjects:
English, Science, Mathematics
Additional to choose from:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Geography, Spanish, French, German, United Sciences (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

British education of international level, the equivalent of a secondary school for grades 10−11. After graduation, it is possible to take the exam in 160 countries around the world and get a UK diploma


Basic subjects:
English, Science, Mathematics
Additional to choose from:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Geography, Spanish, French, German, United Sciences (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

An analogue of the British Baccalaureate. Basic training of students in 3 necessary specialized subjects for passing exams and admission to universities in the specialties of interest


Basic subjects:
English, Science, Mathematics
Additional to choose from:
Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business, Economics, Geography, Spanish, French, German, United Sciences (Physics + Chemistry + Biology)

Studying at Edemis, pupils can take international GCSE exams at centers throughout the UK or in any of the 120 registered countries around the world. Having passed the exam, the pupil receives a GCSE certificate. The General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) — It is the Certificate of Secondary Education in the United Kingdom. It is the equivalent of our certificate of secondary education.

General Certificate of Secondary Education

After studying,
you receive a diploma

Our college has been operating since 2015

education license

We teach, students enroll, and parents relax!
— I created the Edemis online college because I saw the problem of teaching Russian children in European schools. Not every child speaks English at the level that would allow them to fully absorb the material in the school curriculum. Also, frequent moves and changes of schools have a negative effect on a child’s grades.

To eliminate these problems, we have changed the approach to training. The program of our college adapts to the student and if the student needs more time to analyze the topic, we devote as many lessons as necessary to understand the material. Our teachers also speak Russian and English, thanks to this, students learn the educational material better and pass the exams perfectly. Therefore, the parents of our students do not pay tutors, and students use their free time for sports and recreation.

Director and founder of the British College

Dmitry Spodarets

Our teachers

Participation in conferences:
Work experience:
— Annual conference «Actual problems of poetic translation: to translate or to survive?» (organization)
— Annual International Scientific Conference «Language and Culture» (participation and organization)
— Faculty of Foreign Languages of the TSU Research Institute, 2020 — Red Diploma of Translator, English and German
— Siberian State Medical University (SibSMU of the Ministry of Health of Russia) — Translator in Department of International Education and Teacher of Medical English coursesо
— Tomsk State University (TSU Research Institute) — English Teacher

Kozlova Anastasia Olegovna

Work experience:
— Farnborough College of Technology (pre-graduate practice and master's thesis defense)
— Banking and Finance Academy of the Republic of Uzbekistan (Master's degree)
— Kelazhak International Business School
— Tashkent State University of Economics (Bachelor's degree)
— more than 5 years in foreign representative offices
— 3 years in commercial banks
— 5 years in the Central Bank of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Nasyrov Ibrahim

Work experience:
— Branch of the Eastern Economic and Legal Humanitarian Academy, specialty «Teacher. Physical Education Teacher»
— University of Economics «Information Systems in the Economy»
— Samara Polytechnic University, specialty «Applied Mathematics and Programming»
— 6 years in municipal school

Dyachenko Sergey

Participation in conferences:
Work experience:
— By a result of participation in VII International conference of young scientists, graduate students and students «Youth and economy» (Yaroslavl) was awarded a diploma II degree for research report
— Awarded a diploma of the Faculty of Economics of IvSU for active participation in research activities
— FGAOU Kazan (Volga Region) Federal University — Head of the Department of Methodological Support and Monitoring of the educational process from 2019 to present
— FGBOU IN «Ivanovo State University» Candidate of Economics — Associate Professor from 2011 to present

Malenkina Tatiana Mikhailovna

— Awarded the diploma of the Government of the Ivanovo region «For the high level of scientific research and significant contribution to the development of the scientific and innovative sphere of the Ivanovo region»

Who are our students?

Who suffers from poor English performance in foreign school’s

Who recently moved to live abroad and does not yet know English

Who values their time and it is important to enroll in international universities

Who travels often
and wants to study online

Who does not attend a regular school because of their health

Who can’t find common ground with their classmates

Student research and scientific projects

Our students earn extra points for admission to universities and institutes by participating in scientific conferences

Edemis College teachers help in the preparation and selection of the topic of reports, taking into account the relevance of world problems

«Spring concentrations of Cu2+ and Zn2+
in the seawater of the Gulf of Marbella, Malaga province, Spain»

Projects of our students:

«Preliminary evaluation of ion sorption by polymethylmethacrylate for further use as containers in seawater research»

«New simple device for long-term water sampling»


These topics and research results were presented at the following conferences:

The first International Conference on the Relationship of sustainable Energy, water and the environment in a desert climate

December 2019, Doha, Qatar

International Conference on Clean Energy and Environmental Technologies

July 2019, Paris, France

Feedback from students and parents



My name is Igor. I study at the Demis school. I want to be a programmer. But I was behind in math at my school. And my parents found this school. I live in the USA. Many thanks to the teachers of the college. Now I know mathematics better and have improved my knowledge of English.



My academic performance, grades and level of knowledge have improved, I have more time for hobbies — it’s amazing. Now I feel happy. I am no longer under stress, as it was in offline school. All the teachers are very helpful and supportive of you. I have a great relationship with them. In all the lessons we are all focused, everyone interacts with each other, and that’s great.



We moved to the USA 5 years ago. We live in a Russian-speaking area. The children have grown up and they need to study at school and communicate not in their native language. We have enrolled in the Edemis online school and are studying in a regular school at the same time. The children’s academic performance is excellent. We thank the teachers for their good attitude, motivation and knowledge.



I’m Nina Kudryashova. My children study at the Edemis online school. Veronika is 12 years old, Stas is 15 years old. We moved from Russia to Italy to the city of Milan. It was hard for us, because we knew English at an elementary level. At school we can study both in Russian and in English. This is very convenient. The children became well versed in English.



My name is Mark, I am 18 years old. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia. At the Edemis online school, I chose the subject area of English and mathematics. I studied at the high school in my city at the same time. After graduation, I enrolled in the MSU (Moscow State University).

Hong Kong


We are the parents of a hyperactive child. Our son is 13 years old. In "Russia" he was expelled from school. We moved to Hong Kong. I work here, and we can’t study at school because of insufficient knowledge of the language. We were advised by the Edemis online school. The child is happy and he likes to study. We set a goal to go to university. I thank the teachers for their professionalism.

Universities that our students have entered

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